5 Best Crypto Trading Strategies for Winning Trades5 Best Crypto Trading Strategies for Winning Trades

Crypto trading has turned out to be one of the most profitable trading opportunities around the globe. Several investors are using these opportunities to make profits. The success in trading highly depends on the coin and the strategies used for trading. Along with it, you have to execute the trades using the right opportunity. Traders can use crypto robots like the bitcoin prime to find the best opportunities in the market. Read the bitcode prime elon musk blog to learn more about the benefits of bitcoin prime. Some of the best coins that will fetch you success are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Lucky Block, Binance Coin, etc.

There are several strategies investors use to make a profit from crypto trading. Investors who are interested in investing their assets for a long time, use the buy and hold strategy and it has been proving successful for many of them. The buy-and-hold strategy is ideal for crypto bull markets, mostly when corrections are temporary. Here are some of the best strategies used for lucrative crypto trading.

  • Technical Analysis

This method makes use of chart patterns and mathematical indicators to predict the path of the price. There are computer programs like TradingView that generate technical indicators, while humans have to identify others using charts. The relative strength index (RSI) is one of the significant technical indicators widely used.

  • Sentiment Analysis and News

Short-term crypto traders are not much interested in this strategy. However, comprehensive market sentiment can be a good option for Bitcoin day-trading. On many occasions, a major news update can drastically change the price of cryptocurrencies. Many websites try to track the market sentiment of the popular cryptocurrencies by evaluating Twitter chatter. When a cryptocurrency gets positive tweets, the bullish sentiment will be higher and when the tweets are negative, the sentiment will be bearish.

  • Range Trading

In this strategy, traders will presume that the prices of cryptocurrencies will move in a particular range. Support, resistance levels, and candlestick charts have to be considered to use range trading as a strategy. When the prices move towards a specific support level, traders will buy coins and sell them at a particular resistance level, else, the coins may become short at the resistance levels and the short will be closed when the prices dip to support.

  • Scalping

Using this strategy, investors try to make profits using the small changes in the price over the short term. These changes will be mostly due to the inabilities like the gaps that occur in liquidity or bid-ask spread. As scalpers will be making benefit from small price movements, they will use leverages such as futures contracts or margins to expand their profits. Sometimes it will also increase the losses and therefore, risk management has to be practiced to avoid it. The strategies most scalpers use are volume heatmaps, technical indicators, and order book analysis to identify the entry and exit positions to trade.

  • Bot Trading

Bot trading is also called high-frequency trading (HFT). It uses programmed trading bots and algorithms to implement various trades effectively and quickly. Advanced programming and skills and trading strategies are required to use this strategy. Trading bots bring forth particular strategies and develop the right program to implement the particular strategy. They will also monitor, backtest, and update the algorithms constantly to stay in terms with the market conditions that keep on changing. TeslaCoin is an efficient trading platform ideal for trading various cryptocurrencies. It is safe as well as easy to use. Traders can also withdraw their profits easily. Check the tesla-coin.io site to learn more about this trading platform.